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    Beloved French vocalist Sébastien Tellier teamed up with Noisey, VICE, and Air to produce this kaleidoscopic new video for “Russian Attractions,” a track from his latest record My God Is Blue. You can pick up a copy of the record right here. You won’t regret it, unless you hate genius.

    The video, directed by Meredith Danluck and shot by Jake Burghart, is a watery affair, and features a bunch of American Apparel-clad swimmers and modern dancers participating in oddly-disconcerting synchronized moves. Imagine if Busby Berkeley shot “Eyes Wide Shut” underwater and you’ll get the idea.

    This Thursday, June 28, Sébastien will be in Los Angeles to kick off Air’s summer concert series at 333 Livewith Poolside and Jacques Renault. You can get more info and RSVP to the show, and the other four Air parties this summer (in Portland, Las Vegas, Seattle, and San Francisco) right here, and check the flyer below.

    Oh, and Air? You know how hung over you get when you don’t drink water before bed? Air is alcohol and sparkling water mixed up together in a little can. How smart is that?

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    Beloved French vocalist Sébastien Tellier teamed up with Noisey, VICE, and Air to produce this kaleidoscopic new video...
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    Sexual Sportswear is one of my favorite albums ever. Picking this up as well.
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